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Guarantees of Origin   Carbon Emissions



GGN Energy trades European renewable energy guarantees of origin and carbon emissions (EUAs, EUAAs, CERs, Voluntary Carbon Offsets).

We look forward to helping you optimise your green energy products portfolio !

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TRADING - Guarantees of Origin

An increasing number of companies, from small firms to leading corporations, have made the commitment to source part of or all their electricity from renewable sources. In Europe, according to the EU Directive 2009/28, this commitment is demonstrated using guarantees of origin (GOs).

If you are a renewable energy producer wishing to sell your GOs, an electricity supplier or an electricity consumer wishing to buy green electricity, please contact us.

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TRADING - Carbon Emissions


If you’re one of the 11,000 installations or one of the flight operators covered by the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, GGN Energy can help you manage your carbon position by selling you the emission rights (EUAs, EUAAs, CERs) required to compensate your annual emissions. We can also purchase any excess emission rights you may have in inventory.

An increasing number of companies are reporting their carbon footprint as part of their corporate social responsibility reports. If your company is one of them and wants to offset your carbon footprint, GGN Energy can sell you internationally recognised carbon offsets. Our independence enables us to offer you the whole spectrum of available offsets.

Please contact us to discuss what suits your company best.

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