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GGN Energy's independence, experience and in-depth understanding of the renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean technology sectors make us a trusted advisor for :

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Financial Advice   Strategic Advice   Transaction Support

ADVISORY - Financial Advice

Your company is looking to raise funds to finance its growth or dispose of some of its assets.


GGN Energy can assist you in that process by:

  • Providing valuation advice on a target or on part of your activity.

  • Helping prepare your business plan and financial models.

  • Helping raise finance from banks or private investors for your renewable energy, clean tech or energy efficiency projects. This includes defining and structuring your financial needs, preparing models, pitches and documentation in the format required by potential finance provider, shortlisting and approaching lenders or investors, and negotiating and closing the finance deal.


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ADVISORY - Strategic Advice

The power & utilities industry is going through a revolution driven by two main factors:

  1. The recognised imperative to address climate change, which is important enough to have convinced over 150 Heads of State to attend the COP21 Paris Climate Conference in 2015.

  2. The continued decrease in the price of renewable power generation, which is now competitive with conventional power generation.


In the face of this new paradigm, traditional utilities are forced to rethink their business model. Business opportunities are emerging for new players and the finance providers who accompany them.

GGN Energy, as an independent advisor with a hands-on approach, can constructively challenge your business model and act as a sounding board for the strategic decisions your company faces. We draw on our expertise and in-depth understanding of the industry to help you on strategic matters including:

  • Assessing how your business is positioned with regard to current industry regulation and analysing how the regulation framework might change.

  • Formulating and quantifying the challenges you’re facing.

  • Looking at the whole spectrum of possible ways forward and analysing/quantifying the pros & cons of each of them.

  • Looking at your competitive landscape to prioritise growth areas, propose partnerships.

  • Streamlining or strengthening your day-to-day operations.

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ADVISORY - Transaction support

Your company is or is about to engage into a transaction to grow or re-focus your activity. Whether you’re contemplating an acquisition, a disposal or entering into a partnership or a large commercial agreement,

GGN Energy provides support on many aspects including:

  • Deal planning.

  • Deal structuring.

  • Deal negotiation.

  • Stakeholders’ management and coordination of other advisors.

  • Preparation of the deal’s documentation.

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